5 Natural Ways To Cure Ulcer.


Ulcer are sore that can develop in different parts of the body.It may be caused by over use of painkillers:such as aspirin,nonsteroidal anti-inflammation such as ibuprofen.

The most common cause is an infection caused by the Helicobacter pylori bacteria.Other common causes includes:smoking,stress,excess alcohol consumption.

Ulcers are treated with antibiotics to reduce whole grains and block stomach acid.
Over the years,research has proved that there are some natural home remedies which may be useful in controlling ulcer.

(1)Fruits,Vegetables,Whloe grains:

Healthy foods are important when trying to cure ulcer .A diet that is centered on fruits (non acidic) vegetables,non grains which contains antioxidants may protect and help heal ulcer.
However,there are some foods to avoid which are highly acidic and may cause heartburn,indigestion,injury to the esophagus and other discomfort.

These includes:
(2)Citrus and Tomatoes
(3)Coffee and other caffeinated beverages
(4)Salty food
(5)Processed foods
(6)Fried foods

(2)Cabbage juice:

Fermented cabbage juice is belived to be one of the cures of ulcer
It is considered probiotic such as Yoghurts.Studies found that fermented cabbage juice helps to induce inflammation.
Drink a glass twice daily for 7-10 days.


Honey is linked to wound healing properties.It is highly rich in antioxidants which includes organic acids and phenolic compounds.
(4)Aloe Vera:Just like the above listed,aloe vera juice is a rich source of antioxidants.Studies has shown that drinking aloe vera juice helps cure ulcer.

(5)Unripe Plantain:

It is believed that unripe plantain juice when soaked for three days helps to cure ulcer. Grate both the back and inside together,soak for three days and drink the water twice daily for two (2) weeks.
Ulcer when left untreated might signal larger problems such as cancer.It doesn’t just stop at abdominal pain,it can create a hole in the stomach which will require surgery.


These natural home remedies has little or no negative effect on the human body.it is worthy to note that before the advent of conventional treatments,these remedies has been effectively used on ulcer patients .
For complete eradication of ulcer,one has to be selective on his feeding.Feeding is an important part to curing ulcer.

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