5 Reasons why students fail Exams

Failure has been every students fear because they dont wish to repeat.

In this article,i will be giving you the five(5) main reasons why students fail there exam

1.Over confidence:its very good and beneficial to have confidence but overconfidence results in ignoring small but crucial details you are required to write in your exam.considering yourself the best causes pride and people start fleeing from you.No matter what be humble

2.Wrong study strategies:most students dont know how to study properly.They though studying is coping and readying teachers notes.While you should understand and learn the concepts,therefore your wrong studying strategy can lead to exam failure

3.Low self-esteem:with good self-esteem,one can walk through life confidently,but low self-esteem paralysis one and can result in your failure.

4.Poor Handwriting:there are some examiners who have eye defects and thereby its very important you acquire a very good handwriting.it should not be too tiny nor too bold.with a very good handwriting it will be very easy for examiners to analyze your writing and be able to mark it properly

5.Lack of preparations and proper source:if you dont know how to manage your time or you dont know you need to prepare yourself beforehand or the deadline,this could result to your failure.This is also the reason while Gamvibes.com is the only proper and legit source that can help you secure A’s and B’s in your exams.


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