GAMBIA:President Adama Barrow accuses opposition party for trying to sell out the country to some corrupted businessmen

The president of the republic of The Gambia His excellency Adama Barrow,speaking at the Brufut meeting on Sunday has accused the opposition part UDP(United Democratic Party) leaders for trying to sell out the country to some corrupted Businessmen.

According to the president,He said that rhe party has already signed an undertaken with some Businessmen promising to appoint them as cabinet ministers if they help them win the next coming election.

He also accused the party for awarding a single source gas importation contract in the country to one Muhamed Bazzi,but he was the one who blocked that single source gas importation “He added “The president said” I have documents in my possession which they signed with some businessmen promising them ministerial positions if they win election”

He ended his speech by vowing to keep exposing the criminal activities of the  oppositionparty for a better Gambia.


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