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Waec 2021 Chemistry Syllable.

WAEC Chemistry Topics to Read and area of concentration

The detailed WAEC chemistry syllabus for 2021 starts here. Below are the WAEC Chemistry topics to read and area of concentration for candidates to follow.

Introduction To Chemistry:

Study Of Matter.

Atomic Structure


Theories and Principles:

Seperation: Separation techniques and criteria for purity.

The Periodic Table

Periodic properties; 

Chemical Bonding

Phase II of the WAEC Chemistry Syllabus for 2021

Shapes of compunds:


Chemical formula

Chemical Reactions:

Experiments and Calculations:

Laws: Law of

  1. Conservation of mass.
  2. Constant composition.
  3. Multiple proportions.

Gases and Gas laws:

  1. Charles’ law
  2. Boyle’ss law
  3. Dalton’s law of partial pressure;
  4. Graham’s law of diffusion,
  5. Avogadro’s law.
  6. Ideal gas equation
  7. Gay Lussacs law.
  8. kinetic model.
  9. Kinetic molecular theory.
  10. Gas volumes, pressure, temperature.
  11. Mathematical expression, relations and calculation of the gas laws
  12. Real gases and ideal situation.
  13. Preparation and purification of gases.
  14. Physical properties of the gases.
  15. Chemical properties of the gases
  16. Arrangement of gaseous particles, compressibility, viscosity, shape, density, and volume.
  17. Vapour
  18. Pressure of gases
  19. Boiling and evaporation.
  20. Temperature of gases
  21. Volume of gases


Phase III of WAEC 2021 Syllabus for Chemistry


Acids, Bases And Salts….



Chemical Kinetics And Equilibrium System

Redox Reactions:


SS3 Scheme of Work and Area of concentration

Carbon and its Compounds

Organic Chemistry:

Industrial And The Environmental Chemistry

Biochemistry And Synthetic Polymers

Fats and oils:



Recommended Textbooks

Below are the WAEC chemistry recommended textbooks for 2021 WAEC candidates. These is the best textbooks to use when studying chemistry.

There are the most comprehensive chemistry textbooks that will breakdown everything in detail and explain to your understanding.

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