Waec 2021 Civil Education Syllable.

Introduction to Civic Education

  • Basic introduction and explanation

Citizenship Study

  • Definition and explanation of citizenship.
  • Explanation of citizenship education
  • Primary aims of citizenship education.
  • The civil duties and obligations of citizens.


  • Definition and explanation of nationalism;
  • National consciousness.
  • Nationalistic roles the citizens;
  • Civic problems in our society.


  • National Obligations
  • Discipline,


  • The meaning and explanation of values.
  • Types of values
  • Benefits of values.

Human Rights

  • Explanation of human rights in your country
  • Fundamental human rights in your country
  • Human Rights violation
  • history of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR).
  • The 7 core freedoms of UDHR;
  • Function and duty of the UDHR;
  • Human rights limitation

National Law and Order

  • Definition and explanation of Law and Order in your country
  • Components and properties of National Law and Order;
  • The advantages of Law and Order
  • Constituted authority and its types
  • The roles of a constituted authority.

WAEC Civic Education Syllabus 2021 Section 2

Responsible Parenthood

  • A basic explanation of a responsible parenthood
  • The duties of responsible parents;
  • Roles of responsible parenthood in national unity and development.

Traffic Regulations:

  • Explanation of traffic.
  • Traffic signals and their meanings
  • The importance of traffic regulation for safety.
  • Citizens and government duties in maintaining traffic.


  • Inter-personal relationship and explanation
  • Definition and Types
  • How to promotes interpersonal relationships
  • Inter-communal relationships and their importance
  • Societal and inter-communal conflicts and how to resolve them


  • The origin and history of cultism
  • Cult groups and their symbols;
  • Activities of cultism in our society
  • The effects and consequences of cultism in our society
  • How to prevent cultism in our society.


  • Drug Abuse and misuse
  • Definition and explanation of drug abuse and drug misuse
  • Abused drugs
  • Effects of drug abuse.
  • Drug addicts;
  • How to prevent drug abuse and drug misuse
  • Drugs laws and agencies

Human Trafficking

  • Definition and explanation of human trafficking.
  • History and origin of human trafficking.
  • Consequence and effect of human trafficking.
  • How to stop and prevent human trafficking


  • Full meaning of HIV and AIDS.
  • The origin of HIV and AIDS.
  • Transmission of HIV
  • Symptoms of HIV & AIDS
  • Effects and prevention of HIV
  • Stigmatization

More WAEC Civic Education Area of Concentration

The WAEC 2021 Civic education syllabus continues below. Make sure to cover all topics shown above and below.

Youth Empowerment

  • Definition and explanation of youth empowerment;
  • Youth empowerment skills and their importance.
  • The role of government in youth empowerment.

Governmental System

  • The origin, definition, and explanation of the term “Government”
  • Arms of government
  • Structure of Government
  • Functions of Government
  • Tiers of government.


  • Meaning, definitions, and explanation of democracy.
  • Types of democracy
  • Features of democracy
  • Democracy and its importance
  • The pillars of democracy;
  • Common problems in democracy.

Rule of Law

  • The definition and explanation of rule of law and its features
  • importance and problems of rule of law.

National Development

  • Explanation of national development
  • Effects of democracy on national development
  • How Rule of law affects national development
  • The effects of good government on national development

Political Apathy

  • Definition and explanation of political apathy
  • Reasons for political apathy.
  • Effect of political apathy.
  • Interests of followers.
  • How to end political apathy.

Popular Participation

  • Definition and types of popular participation;
  • The societal need for popular participation
  • Modes and kinds of popular participation
  • The role of popular participation in politics.

Civil Society and

  • Definition of civil society and its functions.
  • The role of civil society and why it is needed.
  • Common problems faced in a civil society

Public Service

  • The definition explanation of public service.
  • Duties of public services.
  • Problems in public services
  • Public service improvement.

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