How To Reinvent Yourself

How To Reinvent Yourself 

Fears and uncertainty has always been one of the challenges people faces today when it comes to making a great changes.Whether it’s a change in their careers,professional or personal life.

Many people see it as a daunting task to undergo.However it doesn’t have to be this difficult.

This article will lead you on a step by step on how to overcome your fears and  uncertainty so you can reinvent yourself into that which you have dreamt of.

Reinvent(Regenerate):This is a term that has been popular over the years.Mostly used by scientists but its definition is too deep.It means to change(something) old way in such a way it appears to be entirely new.

According to some psychologists,They gave some reason why people try to Reinvent themselves.Some try to reinvent there life because sometimes they feel dejected while  some feel like people around them are taking them for granted.


Putting determination first is very important when making a very big decision like this one

Growth has been the base of Reinvention which without it one can not fulfill its potentials.

Reinventing yourself can begin with little steps and a huge leaps of determination and faith.

There are lots of examples but here are two (2) main ideas on how to reinvent or regenerate yourself in life

Two Ways On How To Reinvent Yourself

(1)Life Analysis:if you always feel stucked,take some time out for yourself and imagine

(a)What your career and life could be.

(b)What you always feel motivated mostly to do and less motivated to do.

(c)What has always been your dreams.

These are the main questions one have to ask his/her self.

According to Dr. Henriette Klauser’s book “Write it down,Make it happen”.Shows how simple acts brings clarity in fulfilling ones purpose and aspirations.

(2)Try That Which You have Always Put Off:Its quite obvious that in ones life either in childhood or adult stage.There are things you once passionately thought you like to do but end up living the goal unacheived.

Years back a friend of mine aim in life is to become a Civil Engineer,because he wanted to make things better in our homeland and the world.He realized soon afterwards that he is an entrepreneur at heart and did not pursue the career he once felt for.

He became a successful businessman,managing his own enterprises but it came to a point in his life that things started falling apart,enterprises collapsing.

But in the process he met lots of his friends with the same ambitions he has years ago progressing.

He has to start afresh back to what he once dreamed of again and now countless doors,professional and personal opportunities started opening for him as a result of the steps he took in Reinventing himself.

it only take determination and making a move to get whatever we dreamt of to come to accomplishment.


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